Nature’s seclusion

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

A 22 mile section along the Appalachian Trail (AT) in Maryland. We had this backpacking trip planned for April but pandemic disruptions forced us to postpone. By we, I mean two of my closest outdoor-loving backpacking companions that’ll be joining me. So here we are again months later with probably an even better plan and more of a need to escape to nature’s seclusion.

What do you get from a backpacking trip? You may be wondering or trying to understand the need to spend hours or even days “lost“ in the forest. I personally always feel a need to escape to nature. It’s my mediation - a sort of thought clearing process for the constant analyzer that I am.

Also, its fun. Fun to explore. Fun to see new landscapes. Fun to disconnect and learn how to reconnect with yourself. Fun to push your body and see how far you can go. Fun to cook over a fire or on a tiny stove. Fun to build a fire and share stories with comrades.

But more planning and preparing to do before this adventure! Check out the map of our plan below and follow for more updates about our backpacking trip.

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